spoon sweets
The abundance and variety of fruit available in Greece inspired the need to create these traditional preserves. Made with fresh whole fruit ripened under the Greek sun spoon sweets are served by the spoonful on a small delicate glass plate and offered to visitors as a way of welcoming them into our homes.
Each spoon sweet reflects the season when the fruit was at its peak, plump and juicy with its freshness and aroma preserved in pristine condition.
Traditionally found in all Greek homes, spoon sweets continue to be part of our Mediterranean diet but can also be creatively incorporated into wonderful deserts.
Try them plain with a tall glass of ice water in summer or spoon a few sour cherries on pancakes and cereals. Pour a little hot custard by our voluptuous fig, decorate your baked cheesecake with our porphyry plums or just simply add some quince to greek style yogurt and swirl.

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