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The ingredients we use to make our products are simple but our recipes allow us to create sweets that are juicy, delicious, top quality and look great.
We use fresh greek fruit and sugar to make our sweets and jams and fresh vegetables, herbs and spices to make the products in our savory range.
We maintain the colour, aroma and taste sealed in our glass jars for 2 years from the date of manufacture.
Our products can be used as ingredients for cakes, biscuits, pastries etc in sweet shops and bakeries or can be incorporated into wonderful deserts by creative chefs.

Hotels - Traditional Guest Houses

  • Spoon sweets can be offered to guests as a way of welcoming them. They can be served on a tray with a glass of ice water in the lobby or in each room.
  • Home made jam and marmalade at the breakfast table and add a personal note to your “good morning “and something your guests will remember.
  • In the afternoon lemonade and sour cherry cordial can be served as refreshments.

Restaurants - Cafes

Traditionally served as the desert that comes with greek coffee today we can be more creative and mix tradition with delicious deserts.

Serving suggestions: Sprinkle a few strands of mandarin on top of a piece of walnut cake, serve ice cream and drizzle rose petal jam on top. Panacotta served with a toping of strawberry spoon sweet or baby apples served with crème anglaise cognac and blanched almonds.

Sweet Shops - Bakeries

Idiston sweets as ingredients for baking sweets, pastries, creams and tarts.

  • Chop sweets like mandarin, bergamot, bitter orange and orange into to small pieces and make cakes, turnovers, cookies and buns.
  • Stir sour cherry into vanilla ice- cream.
  • Use cherries to make cherry pie.
  • Spread strawberry jam on cookies and biscuits and sandwich them together.
  • Make delicious pizza using our sweet and spicy tomatoe sauce.

Catering - Delivering Light Meals

  • Dinner parties, weddings and baptism are ideal occasions for the serving of spoon sweets.
  • Yogurt and spoon sweets. The ideal snack during a lunch or coffee break.
  • Jams and marmelades on the breakfast menu or in portions for muffins, scones etc.

Gift Arrangements

Idiston products can be incorporated into beautiful gift hampers for the holiday season and other occasions. The large variety of products allow for imaginative ideas.

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